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Our Mission

To create and promote healthy landscapes and productive agriculture through weed management solutions using environmentally responsible and research based techniques.

About the Owner

A Canon City native, John Coyle is the owner of Ark Valley Weed Management and Consulting, LLC he started in weed management in 2013 originally working for Fremont County, CO and later moving to Douglas County, CO. In 2017, he earned his Master of Science degree in Weed Science from the Colorado State University department of Bioagricultural Science and Pest Management. John participated in research that includes native plant restoration on roadsides, advanced weed mapping techniques and native plant response to herbicide treatments on Musk Thistle. Dow AgroSciences published an article detailing this research in the February issue of the industry publication TechLine, which can be viewed HERE.

About the Business

In 2016 Ark Valley Weed Management and Consulting, LLC was started to serve the Arkansas Valley in weed control issues utilizing safe and effective weed management practices. AVW specializes in selective and non-selective (bare ground) weed treatments on a wide variety of sites. Environmental responsibility is a top priority for AVW when creating and maintaining land aesthetic, utility and enhancing and maintaining ecological function. Backed by the latest research in weed science and years of experience in herbicide applications, AVW is able to provide the highest quality weed management services.

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